Snow for Great Falls in 2010…impressive!!!

We have certainly seen a lot of snow    this past fall and for the entire year of 2010 for that matter! Weekend winds blew snow around into troublesome drifts, some were quite attractive…as this example of the carving formed on the southern corner of my house!

Friday I did a little investigating at the suggestion of a viewer. They wanted to know how much snow fell during the calendar year 2010.

The snow season begins after July 1, 2010 but our first snow didn’t happen until September 17th. From that date until the end of the year 44.8″ of snow fell. Of that amount 24.6″ fell in December alone!

If that isn’t impressive enough, I added on the snow that fell from January until it ended in April. Total snowfall for the year 102.4″! That is a lot of snow.

We also ended the year almost 4 inches above normal for rain and snow moisture, so it certainly was a wet year. And we still have a lot of snow on the ground and in the mountains to prove it!

Stay warm,



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