Three deer spend part of the night in Pfeiffer front yard.

We have from time to time seen a few deer wandering the streets on the southwest part of Great Falls, after all it’s not that far from the Missouri River.

Early this morning was different, although I slept through the whole thing.

My wife is a light sleeper and normally looks outside if she gets up in the middle of the night. At about 5 am this morning she looked out the window and saw 3 adult deer laying under and around our big evergreen tree in the front yard.

She tried to wake me, to no avail. But she watched them for an hour and a half, she loves wildlife. She even tried to shake me awake a couple of times. She thought of a camera shot but feared that would send them running off and the flash probably wouldn’t have put out enough light to capture them.

They stayed around the tree until two cars finally drove by, spooked them, and the trio headed off to the corner. Their tracks looked like they were headed back to the Missouri.

I guess it was a safe haven for a short time as most other area lawns were covered in snow. As you can see from the pictures, tracks, the bedding down spot and the stroll through the front yard.  Helena has a real deer problem and guess we have some urban deer but they stay rent-free for a couple of hours in our front yard!


Traveling tracks across the yard headed for the tree.

Closeup of tracks.

The sleeping spot.

Comfy spot to bed down!




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