Hurricane chasing Jet visits Great Falls last week.

What a thrill last Wednesday to get to see in person the NOAA Gulfstream IV jet that chases hurricanes in the Atlantic, stop in Great Falls for fuel and a quick sandwich. The jet is now in Japan where it is studying the weather in western Pacific to help better predict forecasts for storms that hit the west coast.

I even shuttled three of the crew members to Subway near the airport so they could get a bite to eat. The story for now is archived on our website if you are interested in seeing the video. Imagine flying from Florida to Alaska in one day. That is exactly what the crew did and then on to Japan the next day.

Resting up this past weekend they are flying missions in the Pacific this week. Here are a few shots of the jet, crew, myself standing near the cockpit and a link to the NOAA so you can read all about the aircraft. I have always been fascinated with jets and how they work with our weather forecasting.

Gulf IV crew on this mission


One crew member takes picture of the rest and myself
Next to the cockpit. Boy would I like to fly this baby!

Here is the link to the story on our website.


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