Freezing rain and what a mess!

In the middle of the night we saw rain and sleet and sheets of ice on vehicles, city streets, highways…and needless to say many accidents. I suspect that there were probably some falls by pedestrians as well…it was that slick!

Traffic accidents were common as the streets turned into a sheet of ice. This photo I snapped on south 9th Street at about 14th Avenue near the Fire Department Training facility. Very, very slippery. I had one close call but fortunately managed to get stopped and I was only going 10 mph!


Slick as a skating pond!

It was sure nice to see the melting Sunday in Great Falls! All of that changed with the rain and snow overnight. I did manage to shovel all the snow off the deck and it dried off (for a few hours).

We are now right back in the pattern we had last week! Cold in Great Falls with below freezing temperatures while Helena, 90 miles away has mid 40’s with gusty winds. Seems a bit backward, as it usually is the other way around.

This year is starting our unusual for our weather patterns already!

If that isn’t enough rain in western Montana is causing some flooding and ice jamming concerns too!

NWS Weather Story

Have a great day!




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