January starts out odd, rain, snow, sleet, fog…

The new year is certainly getting off to an odd start. Yesterday it was raining in western Montana and ice jams were causing flooding in places like Libby. There are other areas of the state with the same problem.

NWS Graphic

The Missouri River is full of ice with a light covering of snow hiding a lot of it. The Great Falls Police Department had to scold a few kids that were walking on the river last night. The ice is very unstable. If  it were to shift a fall in the frigid water would most likely be fatal.  Please don’t venture out onto the ice!

Havre has seen about 4 inches of snow overnight and Glasgow is chasing a snow record. For the water year that begins October 1st, 61.7″ of snow has fallen. It will take just 9 more inches of snowfall in Glasgow to tie the record set in 2003-2004. We are still in January so that record may fall!

The good part about this weeks weather is the closer we get to the weekend, the warmer the temperatures and a better chance of more sunshine as well.

Just a reminder that a normal high for Great Falls this time of the year is 32 for a daytime high and 11 degrees overnight.

Enjoy your day!



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