Chinook winds are very, very welcome!

We just missed the snowstorm over the weekend. You didn’t have to far east or south to run into snow, blowing snow and winter weather. Friday we said we were right on the west edge of the watch area and that panned out for Great Falls with sunshine and melting ice! We do have some gusty Chinook winds, especially strong along the Rocky Mountain Front.

As we wind up the last full week of January it looks like our wishes for warm weather to melt all the ice off the side streets is coming true! Temperatures in the 40’s and even the possiblity of one day in the low 50’s before conditions cool off back to normal 30’s this coming weekend!

Overnight increasing clouds with a slight chance of rain or snow showers. Southwest winds will continue gusty up 30 mph which helps keep the night-time low near 30.

Tuesday mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers, but the warm Chinook winds continue with a high in the mid 40’s.

Wednesday mostly sunny and warm winds with a high in the upper 40’s. Night lows drop into the upper 20’s.

Thursday sunny and breezy with a high in low 50’s.

Friday mostly sunny and our high temperature returns to the upper 30’s.

Saturday and Sunday partly sunny and seasonal with a high in the low 30’s.

It is nice to see the ice slowly disappearing on the side streets. I was even out this weekend chipping away at some ice near the driveway to break it up and speed up the melting process. On top of that I managed to get all the mud off our car by visiting a car wash Saturday night. Even at 9 pm there was a line, but the wait was worth it. So now I find my time driving carefully around pools of standing water. Funny how that works!

I hope you have a great day!



NWS Weather Story


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