Blisters get in the way of chipping ice!

This is the second day that we have seen more clouds, which is keeping us from getting warmer! We can’t complain for January but the winds are strong and gusty again today.

The sun isn’t the only thing stubborn. It’s the ice on the side streets. I live on the wrong side of the street to get much afternoon sun, so this morning I was out hammering on the ice, trying to break it up. Some was easy, some was hard, and some just stayed where it was! Several inches thick but I am making some headway. Here is the result of some of my work and only one blister.

Stubborn thick ice!

My wife asked where my gloves were and I responded “they are in the garage.” So I have not excuse.

We do see a change in our weather pattern, that is why I was so anxious to get rid of the ice. A cold front this weekend will begin cooling us off with a chance of showers.

The good thing about the front is the gusty Chinook winds will go away for a while.

I hope you have a great day. If you are chipping ice, maybe wearing gloves wouldn’t be such a bad idea!


Gusty winds continue!

Cooler and snow


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