Ever wonder why gusty winds arrive on garbage day?

I know it is a coincidence, but have you ever felt like the wind becomes gusty on garbage collection day? I always try to put as much weight in garbage as possible to keep the can upright. That worked for me today, so far. The other tricky part is when the garage truck empties the container they can go any direction! This is not mine, but spotted it on the way to work today. Maybe we should all write our names on our garbage cans so they know who they belong to on windy days like today?

Empty and vulnerable to high winds!

Enough of that, we do have a high wind warning in effect until late tonight with strong gusty winds expected, so be prepared for blowing snow, strong crosswinds and just be careful walking.

NWS Weather Story

Overnight as a front approaches we expecte a 40% chance orf rain and snow, changing to snow later with a chance of an inch or two in Great Falls. The low around 30, with the gusty winds helping to keep the temperature up.

Saturday mostly cloudy with a chance of snow and winds shifting to the northwest and a high early in the day in the upper 30’s.

Sunday snow is likely and colder. Another inch or two possible with north winds and a high near 20.

Monday still enough moisture to give us additional snowfall and a high near 13.

Tuesday partly sunny, some flurries and a high still chilly at 14.

Wednesday partly sunny and upper teens.

Thursday our weather pattern seems to shift to weather that is near normal for this time of the year. Partly sunny and a high near 30.

Be cautions with the strong winds and icy roads overnight as moisture falls and freezes.

I hope you have a great weekend!



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