A winter wonderland of pictures today!

The snow started on schedule Saturday and since the storm began we have received in excess of 10″ of snow, according to the National Weather Service effective at 11 am and it has been snowing ever since! A winter storm warning continues until 5 pm this afternoon with snow continuing. We sure and check the weather page on our website as well as travel conditions.

Knowing this is going to be a busy day, I snapped 10 pictures of local areas and landmarks on the way to work. If a picture is worth 1,000 words that means I am giving you 10,000 words today so I can get to work preparing for the evening broadcast. Your can click on the image to get a bigger picture and no I was not driving for any of these pictures, safely pulled off to the side or stopped at a traffic light.  Drive carefully and stay safe! Fred


Central Ave West at 3rd Street 1 pm

St. Ann's cathedral Downtown

Cascade County Courthouse

Four wheeler working through heavy snow downtown

Paris Gibson Statue at Gibson Park

River Road looking toward the refinery

Man out shoveling his sidewalk near Gibson Park

9th Street and River Road

David Sherman (Webmaster) leaving KRTV for lunch

SunTalker outside KRTV handing the cold and snow just fine!

Be aware of dangerous wind chill factors overnight! Here is the NWS weather story!


Dangerous Wind Chills Tonight!


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