Weather Duck has had enough of winter. How about you?

Weather Duck is "very" tired of winter this year!

The “Weather Duck” is wishing he had gone south for the winter. Despite a sweater it is far too snowy and far too cold. He wants winter to be over and can’t wait for spring. I think at this point we are all feeling that way.

Another 8 inches of snow piled up and expecting warmer but windy conditions Monday could make for some drifting snow before we fall back into very cold weather by Wednesday. The following statement from the National Weather Service in Great Falls says we better be prepared for bitter cold temperatures later in the week!

“Temperatures will rise somewhat Monday and Tuesday with highs expected to be in the 20s to lower 30s. During this period gusty westerly winds are expected across portions of North Central Montana with areas of blowing and drifting snow possible.

By late Wednesday another Arctic front will push into the state bringing another bout of snow and sharply colder temperatures. At this time we are looking for high temperatures on Thursday and Friday to range from zero to 10 below zero in North Central Montana and from zero to 15 above in Southwest Montana. By Friday Morning lows of 15 to 25 below zero are expected in the north while the southwest could see lows of 5 to 15 below.

There is still a degree of uncertainty in computer model simulations of this event. There is possibility that temperatures could drop below these forecast numbers…and some model solutions are suggesting that this could be the coldest outbreak of the winter season.”

Thursday night looks like -16 and a high Friday of only -1.

Friday night -14 for a low and Saturday only 8. Be prepared for very cold temperatures later in the week. I know spring is March 20th, but that seems a long way a way right now!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Presidents Day.



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