Hang on to your hats, but enjoy the warm weather!

Strong Chinook winds are blowing in Central Montana today, in fact 1 mile southwest of Cascade a gust of 78 mph was recorded about 1 pm today. As a result of the erratic winds in that area a High Wind Warning for Cascade, MT is in effect until 11 pm tonight.

A peak wind gust of 49 mph was recorded around 1:30 pm this afternoon and the airport at Great Falls was close behind with a gust of 48 mph.

A high wind warning remains in place for the northern Rocky Mountain Front area as well.

We are seeing temperatures well into the 50’s in many areas today which is helping to melt the stubborn ice and snow on the residential streets. Slushy and a good business to own today would be a car wash! It won’t be long and I will need to wash the car again, but I plan to hold off until a little more melting is completed.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy the warmer temperatures, that stick around in the 40’s for the weekend!



2 Responses to “Hang on to your hats, but enjoy the warm weather!”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hay there Fred,
    My wife are big fans or your weather. I have a polica scanner that happens to pick up the local .30 repeter and it was just a joy to here your voice ….

    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:

      Stephen, I finally decided to drill some holes in the car and get my ham radio back in. If you are interested, the Great Falls Area Amateur Radio club is hosting a class to teach people to get their ham radio license. No code is required! Maybe we will chat on the ham radio one day!

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