Showers this weekend. Heavy snow possible next week!

The last day of winter is Saturday and the atmosphere will be unstable enough that we could hear the rumble of thunder during the afternoon and some rain showers. The first day of spring is Sunday at 5:21 pm local time!

There is a storm brewing bringing moisture in from the west and colder temperatures from the north. Heavy, wet, spring snow is possible with this storm that will effect the northern sections and southwest parts of the state the hardest. Computer models are still at odds over the tracking of this storm, but at least you should be prepared for it.

Beginning Monday evening into Wednesday seems to be the time line. Some areas could see 6″ to 12″ of snow with the potential of up to an inch or water content. Here are some notes from the Glasgow/Billings National Weather Service briefing this afternoon. When it refers to significant warming they are are referring to 60’s and 70’s. We will return to the low 50’s later next week. Stay tuned for the latest forecasts this weekend as the storm tracking becomes more clearer!


NWS Probable moisture content totals. Subject to change!


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