Woke up to the sound of birds and cloudy skies. Now it’s sunny!

Our PrecisionCast showed a break in the clouds this afternoon and we are enjoying the sun pop out from behind the clouds. It makes it feel more spring-like! Birds are building nests and looking for building material.

We do see another storm developing over Utah that should move into Montana by tomorrow. The result is a chance of rain or a rain and snow mix but the temperatures do not look all that cold. It really looks like the southern areas of the state will get most of the moisture.

There are dirty cars and trucks everywhere from the 1″-2″ of snow that we saw this week, the self-melting stuff for us though so no shovel needed.

In visiting with folks from north of us along the Hi-Line it is very different with major amounts of snow piled up and drifts of snow. A very hard winter for that area and it seems to want to continue. The latest storm is exiting the state and tapering off, but it leaves behind snow and a lot of drifting snow. In fact the Glasgow National Weather Service canceled the Winter Storm Warning for their area at 2 pm today!

We need to keep on our toes and watch for high stream flows this spring for sure!

Enjoy your day!



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