March will whimper out like a lamb, but gusty winds.

The series of disturbances that continue to roll through Montana from the west will continue, meaning a chance of rain and snow showers. But until Friday high temperatures remain in upper 40’s to mid 50’s,  which is about where they belong this time of the year.

The first weekend in April appears to be arriving a little cooler with a chance of rain and snow showers. Just the pattern we can expect as we transition from winter to spring. It is taking it’s time arriving this year it seems to me.

The bright spot in the weather is the snow melt being slowed down because of the cooler temperatures. If we saw 70+ degrees with all the snow in the mountains and along the Hi-Line there would be much more flooding. That temperature would also encourage rain showers instead of snow. Rain on snow only speeds up the melting process.

The areas of most concern for flooding already in a couple of weeks is the community of Harlem.  Agriculture interests in that area have already been encouraged to move equipment and livestock to higher ground. To a much lesser degree streams and creeks around Havre have a chance of flooding if temperatures get too high and stay warm at night.

So we can just hope for a gradual warm up and melting that can be controlled by managing the reservoirs.

As a side note ahead of the weekend weather system we can expect strong winds along the Rocky Mountain Front Thursday and Friday.


High Wind Warning - NWS


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