Some flooding this week for the Hi-Line

Warmer, spring temperatures have arrived and are expected to stick around Monday as high pressure builds over our part of the state. Increasing clouds and gusty winds near 30 mph is making it feel a little cooler today than Saturday!

Yesterday was a day to do a little shopping for groceries, trimming the suckers from the lilac bushes in the yard and finally removing the snowplow from the 4 wheeler! That probably will mean a snow storm, almost like washing the car and it brings on rain.

The good part about April is the snow is normally wet and melts quickly, just as it did Friday and Saturday.

I found the back yard still very, very wet. A part of me wanted to rake the leaves up that were hanging around, but I decided to let the wind and warmer temperatures dry them out a bit.  The grass is turning green, buds are appearing on the lilacs and the I think the apple tree too. By the end of the afternoon I was tired enough to call it quits and will check the apple tree closer when I am rested.

Working today and find the wind is making it chilly outdoors despite the 50+ temperatures. Clouds are moving in and the wind is picking up to 30 mph gusts. Saturday was a beauty though and enjoy it a lot!

Be aware of flooding concerns along the Hi-Line with the warmer temperatures and huge amounts of snow still remaining on the ground in that area.

Milk River at 5 locations Sunday afternoon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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