Most of the heavy snow went south and east of us!

A strong spring storm brought some rain and heavy wet snow to parts of the state overnight. Some areas saw light snow and freezing temperatures creating some ice. The greatest snowfall occurred in the south and eastern parts of the state, especially at the higher elevations. Livingston and Huntley both picked up 6″ of snow.  Billings with 3″ of snow, and 2″ reported at Rogers Pass and Lewistown.

Some snow in Great Falls but the ground is so warm that most of what fell disappeared quickly. It was cold enough last night to turn the water to ice. An example in a bush near my house this morning was frozen with icicles.

Wednesday still looks sunny and more spring-like. Highs jump into the 50’s.

The bad news is another spring storm is moving our direction that could produce some rain and snow on Thursday and Friday. The computer models continue to show partly sunny on Easter Sunday and mild with highs in the mid 50’s.

It is beginning to look a lot like we could be going from winter to summer if this trend keeps up. The grass is turning green, but too wet to mow or even worry about it yet. It has been an odd winter season and our spring continues to disappoint many as well.

Let’s hope we can break out of this cool pattern and see some sunshine and warmer temperatures. The good part about the cooler weather is it is slowing down the snow melting from the mountains and that helps control flooding problems.

Milk River still high

I hope you have a great day. Bring on the sunshine!



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