Let’s Go Flying! Air photos of Great Falls!

My apologies for not blogging the last couple of days. I am busy at work on a two-part series that will air on KRTV & KXLH this Thursday and Friday at 5:30 and 10 pm!

It’s called “Let’s Go Flying” and it’s an introductory first lesson in training for a private pilot’s license. A new experience for me and I will take you along for the ride and flight over Great Falls and the surrounding area and share with you how you can experience the same first flying lesson as I did.

Here are a few still photos taken from the air while I was flying.  I hope you find the two-part series on flying interesting. It was a tremendous experience for me to take to the sky over Great Falls!

Lining up on Runway 3 ready for our landing

If you like lots of knobs and switches you will like the cockpit!

Airborne over Great Falls

A view as far as the eye can see

Missouri River

Another River shot

Another great view


5 Responses to “Let’s Go Flying! Air photos of Great Falls!”

  1. blaine Says:

    fred, that is AWESOME!!!!! congrats to YOU!!!!!!! i got my private license in 1991, and, while i don’t fly much (not current), i do not regret it at all. look forward to your doing the weather from the left hand seat!! (solo, of course.)

  2. Herb Karst Says:

    I just started my pilots training last year at the age of 61 and having the time of my life. Nothing quite compares to the peace and freedom and beauty of seeing Montana by air. I hope you will continue with training, Fred and we look forward to many more aerial remotes

  3. Bryce Campbell Says:

    Hi Fred, you have inspired me to try to get my private pilot’s license current again. I have’nt flown for probably 30 years so I have a lot of work to do. Until I saw your experience all I did was think about it. Now I intend to make it a reality. Thanks

    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:

      I am happy you are re-interested again Bryce. I felt completely at ease with Vince as my instructor. Good luck on being active again with your flying!

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