A new storm a brewing off the coast!

It’s almost May and we are still facing a chance of moisture in the form of snow. Here is the statement from the National Weather Service regarding the timing and impact of the next system the end of this week.

“Another spring storm system will impact the region this Thursday and Friday. A strong cold front will move across the region on Thursday and gusty winds are expected in association with the cold front, especially over the higher terrain of southwest Montana and along the Rocky Mountain Front.

The front is expected to slow down or stall after moving through southwest Montana Thursday night, allowing for a period of accumulating snow over the mountains south of I-90 with significant accumulations possible over areas near the Idaho and Wyoming borders.

On Friday, additional moisture and colder air will move into the region from the north with wet snow likely across much of the area. Accumulating snow is possible across much of north central Montana Friday into Friday evening with significant accumulations possible near the Rocky Mountain front and near the Big Belt, Highwood and Big Snowy Mountain ranges.

There is still some uncertainty at this time with respect to snowfall amounts as timing and intensity of snow will have a large role in how much snow can accumulate. Stay tuned for updated information as this system evolves.”

Another snow storm!

So it is best to be prepared for again winter-like conditions. The good part about these spring storms is the snow does not stick around long as the ground is warming up with the longer daylight hours and the sunshine!



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