Weather experts keeping an eye on our snowpack and temperatures!

The National Weather Service office in Great Falls conducted a program yesterday via Internet regarding the snow pack situation versus our temperatures and how fast the water may come out of the mountains.

Basically the entire Rocky Mountain Front is 150-200 percent above average for snow pack. The cool month of April helped slow down rapid snow melting, and that has put the regular snow melting process a good 2 weeks behind normal.  Temperatures generally ranged 2 -4 degrees below normal in April and 4-6 degrees cooler in the higher elevations of the Front.

The concern now will be the temperatures and longer daylight hours. A gradual warm up is hoped for so the water does not come out of the mountains too fast and cause flooding. Here is the graphic that shows the outlook for May. The left is forecast temperatures and the right precipitation.

May 2011 Temps & Precip Forecast

Water is being moved around to try to prepare for adequate storage in the event of rapid snow melt. Here is a look at the latest water levels for the Milk and St. Mary basin areas from yesterday.,1,1,1,1,1,1,1&toggles=10,7,8,2,9,15,6

The link above is an excellent source to check your area rivers and water levels for all areas of the state. On the left side you will see the ability to move east, west, south or north and check all areas of the state and nation. I would suggest looking at it and bookmarking it in your bookmarks for reference later.

Water in the remaining snow

The graph above shows where the water remains and areas that experts are watching this spring. Highest amounts are the areas in Blue.

Snow melting process

Finally the above graphic shows the snow melting process. Red is snow and the blue-green is dry ground.

Again for the latest information don’t forget the link to so you can be updated daily if necessary if you are in an area that could flood.

Enjoy your day!



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