Pictures of spring, my favorite time of year!

Although I had hoped for more sunshine today, it is in the 60’s and breezy. All the signs of my favorite time of the year are here. There are lawnmowers running, power raking, picking up leaves; all kinds of activities of the season.

The leaves are popping out on the bushes in the yards, convertibles and motorcycles galore as well as a lot of people walking and jogging after being kept indoors during the long winter!

Leaves poppin' out all over!

Another sign of spring is the abundance of young geese along the river. Here are a few pictures I took this afternoon along the Missouri River on the way to work early this afternoon. You can click on them to make them larger if you wish.

Standing guard to protect the young ones

You get too close and I'll bite you!

Staying low to keep out of the gusty winds

Little guys don't wander far alone

It's time for lunch

Everybody is hungry!

Follow me. Let's get away from that guy with the camera!

I hope you enjoy the unfolding of another spring as much as I do!

Have a great day,



2 Responses to “Pictures of spring, my favorite time of year!”

  1. gary gollehon Says:

    Fred, we are in the field now and was thinking back to when I was a kid (kind of scary). Anyway, we used to find quite a few weather balloons in the fields when we started spring work. Why are we not finding any? Do they still send them up or has our air currents changed? Thanks and have a good day!

  2. Fred Pfeiffer Says:

    Gary the weather balloons are still launched twice a day. 5 am and 5 pm from the National Weather Service. There has to be a change in wind directions, patterns. We have seen more easterly winds this winter than normal in Great Falls. Keep looking and if you find one let the NWS know!

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