It’s finally spring time in the Rockies!

Weak high pressure is grasping onto Montana and the result is plenty of sunshine, light winds and temperatures above normal for this time of the year!

We can expect this trend to continue through the rest of this week with slight cooling for the weekend, but still mid 60’s for highs and a slight chance of a few isolated showers or thunderstorms.

The leaves are really popping out now with the warm weather, longer daylight hours and sunshine. There are a lot of lawnmowers running around town trying to catch up with the quick-growing grass. Most all our grass is cold season growing so it really enjoys this type of weather, rather than hot and dry mid summer conditions!

The warm weather and recent rain and snow storm is keeping creeks and streams high as well as some rivers. If you are outdoors this weekend be aware of rapidly rising water levels with the melting that is going on.

Here are a few snapshots from Glacier National Park this afternoon. It sure looks nice outdoors! Have a great evening.

Lake McDonald at Apgar

Apgar Mountain Wednesday Afternoon

Osprey Nest at St. Mary


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