Expected rain will only aggravate our flood situation.

Our temperatures have been cool enough and with very high moisture over the winter, Montana residents are facing high water problems this spring and early summer.

Yesterday the National Weather Service released a recent photo show the areas where snow exists and where it does not. The image includes a few clouds in eastern Montana, so don’t let that confuse you!

The red is snow while the blue is bare land

Our snow melting from the mountains has been slowed down because of cooler than normal weather, so much so that a lot of snow is yet to come out of the mountains.

So water experts are watching the state’s river, creeks and stream very carefully. Rain expected this week could only aggravate the situation even more.

Percent above normal. Note high moisture in east MT from last storm!

There is now the potential for even more rain in eastern Montana, an inch or two that will make things even worse for that part of the state.

A word to the wise, if you are outdoors around creeks and streams be aware of high water. Also if water covers the roadway, turn around, don’t drown. It only takes a foot of water to wash a vehicle off the roadway!



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