Pictures from a weekend trip over Little Wolf Creek

I had an enjoyable ride over Little Wolf Creek Road to Rogers Pass Saturday and what a beautiful day it was! Flowers are out, still snow at the higher elevations; in fact even ran into heavy wet snow along the road, lots of high water and muddy too. A fun trip and thought I would share the pictures with you!

Plenty of water this spring!

Heading through the cold water!

This is very heavy wet snow, like a snow cone!

Lingering snow near Rogers Pass

Plenty of snow yet to melt!

Snow covered peaks

Another view!


Little waterfall. Beautiful Montana!

Montana mountains

A few clouds

Thats about all folks!


2 Responses to “Pictures from a weekend trip over Little Wolf Creek”

  1. Jim Norton Says:

    We ended up going over the road July 31st in a Jeep Compass as a result of following a GPS route. Do you know what the milage is and the highest elavation. It would probably be a great ride on an ATV, horse or regular jeep.
    Great pictures, was looking at the road not the scenery.

  2. Fred Pfeiffer Says:

    Next trip I make I will pay more attention to distance and altitude!

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