Perfect weather to get ready for a nice weekend!

It’s much cooler today after the passage of the cold front. What a rocky night for central and eastern Montana! Funnel clouds, large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain. Today the western areas of the state see highs in the 60’s and 70’s while the east will be in the 70’s and low 80’s. Eastern Montana may see some isolated thunderstorms tonight, which could become severe, then we settle down and get ready for nice weather for the Independence Day Celebration!

NWS Weather Story

Overnight mostly clear with a low in the upper 40’s.

Friday sunny with southwest winds near 20 mph and a high near 70. Great weather for packing for the weekend outing!

Saturday sunny and warmer with a high in the low 80’s.

Sunday sunny with a high in the low 90’s, the hottest day of the weekend.

Monday mostly sunny with a high in the mid 80’s.

Tuesday looks the same with mid 80’s common.

Wednesday back to showers and thunderstorms but normal temperatures near 85.

Have a great afternoon and evening!



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