How long is this weather going to last?

Our weather pattern keeps it interesting this year again.  A viewer called earlier today and asked if this 90+ weather was going to stay around. Well as we know the weather can change quickly in Montana. She was debating on installing her window air conditioner, which she says is quite a task.

A check of the long-range computer models shows Montana has a pretty good chance of staying in the “normal” category for highs and lows. In fact the next week we only see one day in the upper 80’s. Our normal high this time of the year is 85 and a low of 53.

Well after a nice visit talking about weather and how hot it has been, she decided to stick with open windows late at night and fans.  We use the same tactic at our house and so far no one is complaining. The cats seem to enjoy laying under the fans, so I imagine it’s a bit warm for them, but a daily brushing certainly helps them too!

Our grass in most of Great Falls is cool weather grass, so when it gets sunny and hot it becomes slow-growing and turns brown pretty easy too. The first full week of August is almost gone, kids will be going back to school later this month and before you know it we will be talking about our first snow storm.

You have to love the weather in Montana. Keeps us all interested!



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