Over 1,000 acre fire near Dutton covering Great Falls with smoke

A fire about two miles southwest of  Dutton burned approximately 1,000 acres of stubble field and grass lands on Wednesday afternoon. The fire is said to be under control but light winds are causing dense smoke over a large area. Reports from the area say the fire was apparently started by a combine.

The blaze sent thick smoke pouring into the air and could be seen in Great Falls. Areas like Vaughn, Sun Prairie and many others were reporting dense smoke. The airport reported 5 miles visibility at 9 pm tonight. Malmstrom AFB was also reporting 5 miles visibility.

I stopped about 8 pm and snapped a few pictures from high atop the west side of Great Falls.  The lack of wind is keeping the smoke over our area, although the fire is said to be under control.

Looking south toward the airport

Another view from the north side of Great Falls

Smoke effect on our sunset

Closer to the sun

There are a lot of people driving around trying to find the source of the fire. Those with sensitive lungs may want to avoid being outdoors until the air clears.

Have a nice evening!



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