The countdown toward retirement continues for me.

Last Thursday night I announced that I would be retiring from KRTV after 15 1/2 years. Following that announcement was a two-minute clip of memories from my early days at KRTV (a lot more hair too).

Every Thursday night at ten o’clock following the weather we will be featuring a few memories of my career here.

If you wish to see last week’s announcement it can be found at

It is fun to see just how much hair I had at one time. Today’s short hair is handy with all this wind we have been seeing today. So far 50 mph!

Have a good evening!



One Response to “The countdown toward retirement continues for me.”

  1. Cindy Sell Says:

    You will be truly missed. You have always provided concise, accurate forecasting and I counted on this as to know how to plan my day. I know you probably don’t remember me but your daughter Tammy took care of my son, Ethan, up until last year when we had to move to Colorado for further treatment of his heart condition. I also met you when I taped PSA announcements at the studio for March of Dimes in 2002. And even though we are no longer in Great Falls I still check the forecast every day. Than you for all of the wonderful years you gave us. Bless you and yours during this holiday season and ay it continue through your retirement. Thank you. The Sell Family (Tim, Cindy, Luke, and Ethan)

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