Windy but warmer as we head toward Thanksgiving!

It was good to see about 3 inches of snow but even better to feel it warm up after a couple of chilly days!

Chinook winds return and that helps warm us up during the week. Highs in the 40’s again and winds are expected to get stronger.

NWS Weather Story

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and especially the day after another round of moisture is expected. The main target at this point appears to the the northern Rocky Mountain Front.

NWS Weather Story 2

It’s that time of the year to have gloves and a pair of warm boots and gloves handy. Our weather can change rapidly that is for sure!

I hope you have a great evening!



2 Responses to “Windy but warmer as we head toward Thanksgiving!”

  1. Mark Albright Says:


    The Browning RAWS site is shown with a name of “Browning BFA”. Do you know what the “BFA” stands for in the name?

    Thanks Fred.

    -mark albright
    Univ of Washington

    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:


      I don’t know and the Weather Service does not know either. Stumped on that one. It is the same location as witnessed this afternoon in wind reports:
      BROWNING TFX09 RAWS 66 240 14:00 111127 37 14:00 111127
      DERBY MOUNTAIN BYZ67 RAWS 64 250 00:15 111128 32 23:15 111127
      MILK RIVER AB CAUTO 63 260 18:01 111127 45 18:00 111127
      GREAT FALLS TFX12 ASOS 60 250 22:37 111127 40 23:00 111127
      BROWNING BFA TFX09 RAWS 58 250 14:15 111127 39 14:15 111127

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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