Cold front arrives right on schedule with snow!

Just as expected the cold front arrived around 10 am this morning and winds began to shift to the northwest. Our peak wind gust ocurred at 11:54 am with a 48 mph wind gust. Driving conditions are expected to deteriorate during the afternoon with falling temperatures, snow and blowing snow with bitter wind chill factors. Be prepared for winter driving conditions!

Great Falls NWS Weather Story

Glasgow NWS Weather Story

Adjust your driving patterns for winter conditions and be aware of strong wind gusts as well.

Have a great day!



One Response to “Cold front arrives right on schedule with snow!”

  1. Laura Graff Says:

    Im going to miss your smiling weather face here in
    Black Eagle. I wish you a healthy retirement and
    enjoyable too. You would not remember me but
    I remember you, I was class of 1965 Great Falls
    high you were a year behing me. Of course you
    finished at CMR. Dont try to figure out who I am
    Im not in yearbook.
    Best of Luck
    Laura Graff

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