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Happy Trails!!!

December 14, 2011

The time has come to enter a new phase of my life, and that is retirement. Thursday, December 15th at 5:30 and 10 pm will be my final weather forecasts on KRTV. Your loyalty, friendship, and to those I have met and interviewed along the way I appreciate very much your kindness.

I might miss being welcomed into your homes through the airwaves of KRTV, but it has been a wonderful ride. I look forward to being home in the evenings with my wife, perhaps attending a concert or movie with her, other activities that a television career does not permit because of the late hours. My oh, my, the hours have been well worth it.

So many wonderful memories in a career that started in radio during high school and branched into television during the 1980’s at KTWO Radio and Television in Casper, WY.

Both my wife Vi and I will be staying in Great Falls. Plans included woodworking, ham radio, photography, some traveling and just generally catching up with friends who are home in the evening while I have been working at KRTV for  more than 15 years.

May I wish you the best with the coming holiday season and that 2012 brings heath and joy to us all.

Your friend,
Fred Pfeiffer


Ice Jamming on the Jefferson

December 12, 2011

There is a problem with ice jamming on the Jefferson River near Three Forks.  In addition some areas like Helena, Missoula, Kalispell will be dealing with areas of fog and freezing fog tonight and early tomorrow morning.

Otherwise our weather looks very season with highs being pushed up with southwest winds, giving us the warmer temperatures. Enjoy!

National Weather Service Weather Story

What are the chances of a White Christmas?

December 9, 2011

If you look at past Christmas weather a pattern is established. The National Weather Service took a peak into the past and it looks like we have about a 50/50 chance of a white covering on the ground for the Holiday.

We will watch the next couple of weeks and see how we do!


Tonight is the last of my trips down memory lane. Retirement 1 week away!

December 8, 2011

I am so fortunate to be led down the path of broadcasting to include a career that started in radio and branched into television beginning at KTWO in Casper, Wyoming. After 25 years in radio and 23 in television I will be retiring the end of the year, but taking unused vacation until that time beginning a week from today. My last day on air will be Thursday, December 15th.

Tonight is the last trip down memory lane. A very important part of my career. It involved meeting CBS’s Steve Hartman who still appears on the CBS Evening News as a Feature Reporter, most recently doing a story on the passing of Andy Rooney.

He formally did a series called “Everybody Has A Story” which aired on CBS for many years. You may remember him as the person would go to wherever a dart landed on a map of the United States. He has been in Montana more than half a dozen times, including a story on the late Walter Breuning when he was 113 years old that aired on the CBS Evening News.

The reason this story is so important to me is Steve and his LA CBS photographer Les Rose allowed me to follow him them for two days. I have always felt as my strength as a reporter in both radio and television was feature stories. The chance to see one of the best in the business and a top-notch camera operator cover this story allowed me to see the best at work. I came away from that experience with even more knowledge or reporting and editing feature stories and even better I have ended up with two very good friends whom I keep in touch with by phone or e-mail.

Thanks Steve and Les for allowing me to watch and report on the best of the best. The story I did on them ended up as the E.B. Craney Enterprise winner from the Montana Broadcasters Association. Tonight you will see that story again at 10 pm.

Next Thursday I don’t know what will happen, but I do know that there will be weather to talk about.  If you wish to see past stories that have aired as I count down my retirement you can find them at the KRTV website by following this link.

Thank you again for being such loyal viewers and welcoming me into your homes with KRTV for the past 15 1/2 years. I am retiring happy and healthy and my wife Vi and I plan to stay in Great Falls. I hope to see you on the street, introduce yourself and I always enjoy personal visits (after all “Everybody” has a story!!)

Merry Christmas


The “Hi De Ho” Guy stops by to say hello!

December 1, 2011

An old friend and media icon, Fred Lark, owner of KXLO Radio in Lewistown flew to Great Falls today and while in town stopped in with a pound of the world’s best coffee. I guess he really wants me to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning in retirement!

I have known Fred since the 1980’s and he greets everyone with a smile and a “Hi De Ho!” A man of many talents it was a pleasure to see him again. He was recently honored for his work in broadcasting and I took this information from his station website.

Great to see you Fred! Coffee is on me the next time I am in Lewistown!


Fred Lark and Fred Pfeiffer

Lewistown– The Society of Montana Broadcast Legends recently recognized Lewistown resident, Fred Lark, of KXLO-KLCM Radio as a newly inducted member of the Broadcast Legends Society.

Lark purchased Lewistown’s KXLO-AM radio in 1972, and took possession in April 1973 as the President/General Manager.  In 1975 Lark created KLCM-FM.

Lark, originally from Boone, Iowa, began his broadcasting career 1958 with the “Listen to the Lark” show and the “Morning County Boy Farm Show”.

After graduating from Iowa State University in 1966 with a major in Telecommunicative Arts, and minors in both History and Math, he pursued his long broadcast career in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa and Montana.

Positions and memberships Lark held include National Association of Farm Broadcasters, board member of International Association Press Board, Representative for Montana Seniors at the President Council on Aging appointed by Governor Brian Schweitzer, and President of Montana Broadcasters Association.

The Montana Broadcasts Legend’s society class of inductees for 2011 included active and retired broadcasters, engineers, and personalities for the sole purpose of assembling and recognizing notable members of the broadcast industry for the many years of contributions and dedication to American Broadcasting.