About the Blog

A native Montana resident, this blog will allow me to make observations about the weather around us.   It may very well be a comment or two  on the days weather, something that happened on this day years ago, or an answer to a question from a blog follower.  I hope you enjoy this new venture into the world of New Media!


2 Responses to “About the Blog”

  1. Ed Reiman Says:

    Hi Fred,

    I enjoy your weather segment very much, but I have a suggestion/request.

    It seems to me that what the weather is doing up in Lethbridge and/or Calgary has as much effect on us as does many of the other cities you site each night.

    I wish you’d REGULARLY report of what’s going on just above the border,



    • Fred Pfeiffer Says:

      Thanks for your kind comments Ed! It is simply a matter of time with just 3:30 min for weather and such a large area to cover plus including some NW and USA info. We do try to show the cold air when possible. An example tonight it is -8 in Great Falls, -8 in Calgary and -6 in Edmonton.

      Quite often our storms come from the northwest, through Spokane and Idaho and the temperatures to the north are of little use. We will keep your wish on our list, which is reviewed from time to time when making changes. At least your comments remind us to use them more often when appropriate.

      Happy New Year and thanks for watching!

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