You may like it warmer, but Gabby says too much fur for me!

It's so hot the Gabby is turning her tummy up!

Our cat Gabby seems to prefer the cooler weather. As it warms up you will find her resting in this position more and more often!

I enjoy the sunshine and I enjoy the warm weather too. Since she doesn’t buy the cat food I come out on the winning end of the temperature deal.

Overnight  we expect partly cloudy skies and mild with low 50’s. That is the perfect night time temperature for tomatoes. Any cooler and they are not as happy.

Thursday partly sunny with a chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms. High near 80. Gabby won’t care much for that.

Friday partly sunny and stronger winds with isolated showers. High in the mid 70’s.

Saturday mostly sunny and mid 70’s.

Sunday sunny and upper 70’s.

That should make everyone happy until it gets toooo hot!



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